Sunday, January 13, 2013

One Year Later {On My Toes' Top 10}

Just over a year ago, I began writing this blog as I ended my lengthy hiatus from Irish dancing and began really thinking about becoming a TCRG. On My Toes was a way for me to connect with other Irish dancers and share my love for Irish dance with whoever happened upon my blog. I could never have imagined that one short year later I would have reached over 27,000 readers and dancers from the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia. Not only have I gained the support of thousands of people worldwide, but I'm also teaching Irish dance at a local non-profit dance school as I prepare to take the TCRG exam this fall. What a difference a year can make! 

Thank you all for reading my blog, following me @MoiraOnMyToes on Twitter, liking On My Toes on Facebook, and supporting me as a dancer, teacher, and blogger. Here are your top 10, most viewed posts from the past year! 

Keep Dancing,


  1. Can't believe it's only been a year! Keep writing :D

    P.s. Love this idea of doing a top posts for the year - might have to borrow this...


    1. Go for it! You're blog has definitely inspired me on multiple occasions!


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