Friday, June 15, 2012

Irish dancing her way to the Crown:
Interview with Miss Delaware, Maria Cahill

Maria Cahill has more than a few impressive accomplishments under her belt as an Irish dancer. An Open Champion dancer for the Ryan-Kilcoyne School of Irish Dance in Delaware, Maria has not only competed at Worlds multiple times, but has placed 16th and 22nd! Back in January, Maria was one of three Irish dancers to compete for the title of Miss America this January, representing the great state of Delaware. Although she didn't walk away with the crown, she did walk away with a non-finalist talent win! 

As Miss Delaware, Maria represented Irish dancers worldwide beautifully at the 2012 Miss America Scholarship Pageant. She was even featured in a clip about the Miss America pageant on Good Morning America! Check out her amazing footwork in the a capella routine she performed on the Tim Qualls Show: 

LOVE her solo dress, and sophisticated natural hairstyle!

I was lucky enough to email Maria about her experiences at Miss America and in Irish dancing. Keep reading for more on pageantry, solo dresses, evening gowns, and more... 

Maria performing her award-winning talent at Miss America 2012
On My Toes Blog: What was Irish dancing on the Miss America Stage like?

 Maria Cahill: It was incredible! It was my first time Irish Dancing on a national stage in about 5 years, so I was excited to get out there and show America what I could do.  It was awesome to see the judges, especially Mark Ballas (from Dancing with the Stars) bobbing his head with my rhythm.  My favorite part, as weird as it sounds, was the end.  As I stood in my last pose, I knew it was the best I had danced and felt so proud of myself!

OMTB: What gave you more “butterflies,” competing in Miss America or at the Worlds?
MC: I would say they both gave me equal amounts of butterflies.  However, I had worked hard for both, so when I finally was at both huge events, I knew that I was as ready as I would ever be, and for that reason, was not really all that nervous.

OMTB: What is your favorite Irish dancing memory?
MC: I have so many fond memories, like those of dancing at the World Championships.  However, one favorite memory that I will never forget goes back to my Prelim days.  I was coming back off a horrible foot injury, had one first in prelims and had to compete at the Delaware Feis against over 30 other girls and boys.  I hadn't danced, or even put on my shoes for that matter, in months!  Somehow (I don't think I will ever know how...), I managed to win the entire thing, securing my place in Open Championships!  I think my mouth dropped to the floor after I was announced as the winner!
Maria rocking the Miss America stage in her evening gown!
Think your solo dress weighs a ton? Her MacDuggal Couture gown weighs 25 pounds!
OMTB: Your evening gown for Miss America was stunning! What would be more exciting to you, getting a new designer  gown or a custom solo dress?
MC: Both were very exciting, but nothing will ever top the feeling of getting a brand new solo dress.  A lot of evening gowns can tend to look similar, but a new, custom solo dress is 100% your own!

OMTB: How has your experience in pageants effected your dancing?
MC: It has definitely improved my posture!  I am 5'8" and after going through a serious growth spurt in highschool, my posture for dancing never was as good as it once was.  Having to walk with great posture definitely carried over to my dancing...thank goodness!

OMTB: Would you recommend that Irish dancers compete in pageants?
MC: Absolutely!!! Talent is tied for the top scoring phase of competition so it is so important.  If you have a great talent, you have already won half of the battle!  Because Irish Dancing it so different, it catches the judges' attention.  If you love to Irish Dance, can hold an intelligent conversation, and love helping people, getting in to the Miss America Organization is 100% for you.

Meeting a future-Irish dancer at a St. Patrick's Day performance
...Love this sweet picture, and that gorgeous open-back costume!
OMTB: Where do you see your future in dance? Do you plan to teach, open your own school, or just enjoy dancing?
MC: Right now, I help teach one of the branches of the Ryan-Kilcoyne School of Irish Dance and absolutely love it!!! Those kids have become like family to me and can never picture myself leaving.  After I have finished college, I would definitely consider getting my TCRG!

Maria with one of her students at the 2011 Delaware Feis 
OMTB: You took a break from competing due to an injury. Was getting back into competition shape difficult? 

MC: I am still debating on actually competing at Nationals or waiting for the Oireachtas.  Regardless, I cannot wait to compete again.  Getting back intp shape was one of the hardest things I have had to do.  Irish Dancing takes more stamina than anything I have ever done...that says a lot coming from an athlete!  Not only does it take a lot of work, but it was a little frustrating.  Knowing I was once in excellant shape and having to work countless hours to get back to the shape I was once in took a lot of patience and hard work.  Winning the Non-Finalist talent award became my favorite part of my Miss America experience!

After winning Non-Finalist Talent at Miss America... nice trophy!
OMTB: What advice would you give to other 20something dancers?
MC: It's not over!!!! If you love it, stick with it. Over the past year, I have rediscovered why I first fell in love with Irish Dance and you can too!

This weekend, Maria will crown a new Miss Delaware! I know she'll have much success her future endeavors, Irish dancing and otherwise. Thank you, Maria, for being a beautiful, kind, intelligent, and talented representative for Irish dancers worldwide! 

More from Maria and the Miss Delaware Scholarship Organization:
@MissDelaware11 [Maria on twitter]

Keep Dancing,
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Conan Irish dances... with Trinity!

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am a night owl. An insomniac. Nocturnal even. Basically, I just stay up too late most of the time. Now, this creates problems for me, as I'm not a morning person [and that's putting it gently], but my late-night waking hours also lead to a great deal of exciting TV watching. For a long time, I've loved watching Conan O'Brien during the wee hours of the night. He's goofy and weird and off kilter and I adore him. I can't fathom how much he's made me laugh over the years, but nothing tops his adventures in Irish step dancing with the Trinity Academy.

In case you missed this hilarious segment on Conan, Monday night [perhaps you were sleeping, like a normal  person!], it's available right here to watch, as Conan and the Trinity Irish dancers practice the art of dancing without moving their arms..

Are you crying because that was so funny? I was am...obviously I watched again it for the umpteenth time...

What's my favorite part [besides tall, gangly Conan awkwardly dancing/doing push-ups], you ask? The two, clearly recognizable shiny, silver World Championship trophies sitting on a table as Conan goes on his tour-de-bars. I suppose that's what happens at this legendary school where winning World Championships is the norm... they're just so spectacular that they have Worlds trophies floating about the Irish American Heritage Center willy-nilly :) No big deal. If I had one of those, it would be snuggled in bed with me every night while I watch Conan.

Haven't had enough yet? The behind-the-scenes video is equally parts funny [thanks to Conan and his waistcoat & headband, Michael Flatley inspired performance costume] and impressive [thanks to the unsurpassed precision of Trinity's dancers].

Kudos to Trinity's Erin Gradus, for not missing a beat [literally, she was drumming!] after Conan accidentally kicked her in the face! She even smiled! What a professional :) Fabulously done, Conan & Trinity! 

Keep Dancing,

Don't forget to enter for a chance to win a pair of  Iconic by John Carey hard shoes!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Strictly Irish Dance: Live Blog!

I cannot express how excited I am to watch Ireland's TV3's documentary of the 2011 World Championships: Strictly Irish Dancing! I'm so so so psyched! Why? Not just because my former and much loved teacher, Karl Drake, is featured. Not just because I'm hoping to see some of my Drake dancing friends on the small screen. Not just because the documentary showcases the awesomeness that is my friend, Camp Rince Ceol counselor, dress maker [Fairy Reel Dancewear], and new TCRG: the extraordinary Caitlin Kelly. I'm excited for all of those wonderful things, but I'm extra excited because TLC decided to show the world what Irish dancing is really all about... in a one-hour format :) 

Stay tuned for LIVE blogging during the show! [10:00pm EST on TLC]

10:00pm: YES! Here we go. Within seconds, Karl Drake is screaming on TV. Thanks TLC, I miss that voice :)

10:01: Claire is far beyond amazing amazing! Sheesh, she can do so much up on her toes. Unbelievable!

10:05: Oh, hi again Karl! So happy to see him [yelling at his dancers] on TV. "ARMS KELSEY" ...Oh my dear, sweet Kelsey Micko, that was meant for you, I'm sure. I've know her since she was tiny, adorable, and amazingly talented. Now she's tall, gorgeous, and amazingly talented :)

--- 1st commercial break ---

10:12: Hi, Catie Foley! There's another blonde Drake dancer I can remember from when she was tiny. And yes, Mr. Karl, the jet lag is a serious problem! I remember that, all too well! Side note: I want need rhinestone buckles.

10:15: I'm so distracted by this narrator. What else does he narrate?! His voice is so familiar. Clearly, I watch too much TLC! [Update: I think he narrates "Say Yes to the Dress" and/or "What Not to Wear"]

10:16: Jack is a his stripes and plaid combo outfit during his interview. More than that, I love watching him dance. He's got the relaxed-arms thing down perfectly. And he smiles! Such a rarity in competition.

10:17: Love Catie's giant fluffy flower! Super cute bun-wig look.

---2nd commercial break---

10:22: Sock glue! Thanks for explaining that to the rest of the World, Ronan...such a necessity! I'm not loving how TLC edited this to be all abut this U19 rivalry, but Jessica looks lovely! I love white solo costumes. A LOT. She's a beautiful dancer! I'm so happy with how much of her set TLC aired!! Note to self:  Work on axles in hard shoes and trebles up on your toes. 

10:26: Why do they keep showing Catie's back!? I want to see the front! Love that Karl matched his shirt to her costume... Oh, Mr. Karl. Catie is a lovely dancer, and I love her dress! She and Karl are super cute together as well :) Wish I could've seen more of her set!

10:28: Interesting interpretation of curls! Agree about looking realistic and natural! 

--- 3rd commercial break ---

10:31:  I like Jack's competition look. Very clean, and not too blingy... the rhinestones can get to be a little much on the boys for my liking. 

10:33:  Way to pop your collar, Claire! She's so fabulous. Look at those legs, and feet!! Her calves are insane. "How did you ever win the Worlds?" ...Oh, Claire. No one will EVER ask that question about you! She's so sweet with her lucky Winnie the Pooh :) World Champ's trick: Coke on your soft shoes to not slip! I'm more of a rosin girl myself, but that works! 

10:36: Her dress is beautiful! Perfect combination of modern [so sparkly!] and traditional [with the pleats and knot work]. And then there's the controversial globe on her cape. My thoughts? She earned it, let her wear a globe! What are your thoughts on World champs wearing globes on their costumes?

10:38: It's called a RECALL, not a call back!

10:39: Yes to natural looking style of dance and expressiveness. There's nothing like a dancer who makes it look effortless. 

--- 4th commercial break---


10:45: WHY did they cut away from Claire's dancing so much?! And keep showing her from the knees up?!  Her feet are amazing and deserve all the screen time. I don't care about the audience...

10:46: I do appreciate that TLC is attempting to explain the ever-confusing Irish points scoring system.  YAY Jack! I love watching people succeed!

10:48: "It's so brilliant!" - Jack Quinn, 2011 World Champion

---5th commercial break---

10:52: Jessica or Catie? Spoiler alert: neither... but 3rd and 8th are amazing!! I love Karl and Catie's reaction to Catie placing 8th! "I love you! I love you! I love you!" - Mr. Karl Drake :) Well done, girls!

10:58: Why am I so nervous watching Claire listen for her scores?! I know already know she won! Winning the Worlds 5 times in a row is unbelievable! Claire's family is adorable...that "Galway Bay" sing-a-long was the perfect way to end the movie.

Reaction: I'm so glad they showed this movie on TLC! Although the editing wasn't quite right, I'm still happy to have Irish dancing on a national network. I wish TLC didn't put such an emphasis on the U19 Jessica Hindley vs. Catie Foley rivalry. I also wish they showed Claire dancing more, and had an actually Irish dancer consult on the editing of the documentary. They might not have done this movie justice in the editing room, but they did portray Karl Drake perfectly! I loved watching my teacher on TV! Oh, and they cut out the TCRG-hopeful storyline with my friend Caitlin Kelly. Lame...she's awesome, and I've been spending a lot of time with Ar Rince Foirne lately. Overall, TLC's version of Strictly Irish Dancing was still fun to watch, but the original was MUCH better and more true to Irish dance.

What did you think of this version? Comment with your thoughts :)

Be sure to watch the Strictly Irish Dancing in it's original format at RincePop! & for a more extensive look at the pros and cons of TLC's version this documentary, check out Rince Go Bragh.

Keep Dancing,

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Win a Pair of Iconic by John Carey hard shoes!

I'm so so so excited to announce On My Toes' first giveaway! Thanks to Iconic Dancer, I'll be giving away a pair of Iconic [White or Black] by John Carey hard shoes to one lucky winner! You might already know how awesome these heavies are [perhaps you've read how much I love them?], but in case you haven't heard, these are the "coolest shoes on the planet!" Iconic explains these innovative dancing shoes best...

Iconic White by John Carey - The Heavy Irish Dance Shoes. 
The ORIGINAL & Revolutionary Registered Design & White Strip ™ helps to visually lower the sock line and with the use of a white strap gives the top part of the shoe a more open and courtshoe appearance, while retaining the support, safety and stability of the traditional design. As you can expect from John Carey, all the functional features and designs have been enhanced to offer better performance, sound and durability. The all black suede split  sole, black tips and black heels offers a beautiful aesthetic while also allowing continued and lasting flexibility without sacrificing support. No other Hard Jig Irish Dance Shoes on the market offers this much support.

Iconic White by John Carey
Don't you want a pair? [answer: YES!!!] 
Entering for a chance to win is super simple! 
Use the tool below to enter to win!
Please note: if you check one of the boxes, please actually do the task for that entry :) It's so easy! Ex: Follow me on Twitter if you check that box, Leave a comment on the blog if you check that box... You get the idea :) Thanks & Good Luck!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Keep Dancing,

Monday, June 11, 2012

TV for Bunheads ...& Wigheads!

The week of June 11th is an exciting time for TV-addicted for Irish dancers! With Trinity Irish Dancers & Strictly Irish Dancing airing this week, along with ballet programs Bunheads and Breaking Pointe, there will be no shortage of entertainment [or inspiration to practice] this week! All times listed are Eastern Standard Time.  

Monday (June 11): 
9:00 PM - Bunheads [ABC Family]
Bunheads premiers tonight on ABC Family! Although it's not Irish dancing, this ballet series should be a great show for wigheads [that's us, Irish dancers!] and bunheads alike to watch this summer. I know I'm looking forward to watching getting addicted to this show.

11:00 PM- Trinity Irish Dancers on Conan [TBS]
Conan has taken his show to the Historic Chicago Theater this week, and what's a visit to Chicago without Trinity? Trinity Irish Dancers are old pros at TV appearances! I'm so excited to see what they have in store for Team Coco tonight! Here they are on an older episode of the Today Show:

Tuesday (June 12):
9:00 PM - Dance Moms [Lifetime]
From hard working and talented young dancers, to crazy moms, and crazier Abby Lee, Dance Moms is a guilty pleasure for many dancers [including myself!]...but why should we feel bad about watching? Try this "Dance Moms Workout" for a guilt-free television experience :)
From tumblr
Wednesday (June 13):
10:00 PM - Strictly Irish Dancing  [TLC]
Originally aired on Ireland's TV3, this documentary about the 2011 World Championships is not to be missed [and I'm not just saying that because my teacher, Karl Drake, other Drake dancers, and my friend & new TCRG Caitlin Kelly make an appearances]. TLC will be showing a shortened 1-hour version of the documentary, but the whole movie is available to watch online. Visit RincePop! to watch Strictly Irish Dancing in its entirety.

Thursday (June 14):
8:00 PM - Breaking Pointe [the CW]
Breaking Pointe takes a look into the world of professional ballet dancers, filmed behind the scenes at Utah's Ballet West. I definitely want to wear a tutu & pointe shoes, and watch this reality series all summer!

Keep Dancing,

Friday, June 8, 2012

Irish Dancing her way to the Crown:
Betty Thompson to crown a new Miss Oklahoma

Back in January, Irish dancers worldwide fell in love with Miss Oklahoma, Betty Thompson, as she competed for the 2012 Miss America crown. Betty was one of three Irish dancers in the running for the prestigious, four-pointed crown, along with Maria Cahill [Miss Delaware] and Katy Lovegreen [Miss Alaska]. She ended up one of the last two standing, and was first runner-up to Laura Kaelepper, Miss America 2012. She may not have won the crown, but she certainly became the Irish Dancers' Miss America! She stole our hearts, and walked away with a Preliminary Talent win, and $25,000 to further her education.

Love that Betty talks about the TCRG exam in this video, by Miss America's Sponsor, Express.

Irish dancers could not have asked for a better ambassador to our art form than Betty. She is beautiful, intelligent, personable, eloquent, and down-right adorable...not to mention talented to boot! Her Miss America talent was choreographed by fellow McTeggart Irish dancer [and World Champion!], Jason Hays. Set to "Warriors" from Lord of the Dance, Betty truly impressed the judges and wowed Irish dancers & audiences worldwide as she danced her heart out [and one of her mics right off her shoe] on the Miss America stage.  

Betty was simply stunning in her Miss America talent costume, but she can capture an audience in bare feet and a crown too! Here she is, at one of her many appearances as Miss Oklahoma: 

Irish dancing in a crown without shoes? Love it! #oldschool

This weekend, Betty will crown a new Miss Oklahoma. One of the 45 beautiful Miss Oklahoma hopefuls will certainly have some big shoes to fill! Best of luck to Betty, and thank you for representing all Irish dancers as you embodied style, service, scholarship, and success as Miss Oklahoma!

Betty & Jason dancing a duet June 7, 2012 at Miss Oklahoma preliminary competitions
....I can only imagine that it was phenomenal!  
 40th Anniversary Miss Oklahoma Scholarship Pageant
More from the Miss Oklahoma Scholarship Pageant & Betty:
Miss Oklahoma [official website]
Betty's Official Miss Oklahoma Blog
@BjtDancer [Betty on twitter]

Keep Dancing,

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Inspired by: Iconic White by John Carey

I'll be the first to admit, after being out of the competitive Irish dance scene for nearly 8 years, the concept of taping hard shoes with white tape for feisanna was foreign to me. Back in my day [seriously, long long ago],  I have no recollection of dancers with white-taped shoes, straps, or laces. We wore black elastics and maybe taped our shoes to our feet with black electrical tape, but no white tape. This whole white-tape trend was new to me, and I wasn't sure if I liked it. 

But then I thought about it... 

I wear nude-colored high heels to make my legs look longer... Why not add white tape to hard shoes to give the illusion of longer legs while dancing? I'm 5'3. I'll do anything to make my legs look longer! I can only imagine that most dancers want to look like they have long, beautiful, legs-for-days too! Genius. 

And then a certain someone took it to a whole, new level...

John Carey obviously saw the genius behind this trend as well, and launched Iconic White, the original hard shoe with white straps and edging around the top of the shoe [for the look of a lowered sock line]. Who better to design this revolutionary heavy shoe than an 8 time World Champion and TCRG of his world-title-producing Carey Academy? Needless to say, Iconic Whites are simply fabulous. 

I even love the boxes. 
Although I have yet to get my hands on [or rather, my feet into] a pair of Iconic Whites, I love the look! These sleek shoes remind me of some kind of hard shoe hybrid of saddle shoes and Capone [from Michael Flatley's Celtic Tiger], but with the extra-added-bonus of making legs look longer and feet look smaller.

Don't you think Iconic White heavies are the perfect shoe to compliment with that music? Until I can get my pretty little feet into a pair of those fabulous black and white shoes, I'll settle for an Iconic White inspired manicure! 

Do you wear Iconic Whites? Have you tried them on? Do you love them?! Tell me about! 

Keep Dancing,

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What's in Feisonista's Dance Bag?

Next in the "What's in my Dance Bag" series is the ever-so-fashionable, Feisonista

Feisonista is a former open champion dancer with a passion for Irish dance and fashion. She danced with a CLRG school throughout high school with trips to the North American Nationals, All-Irelands and Worlds. She then danced in college at Villanova, majoring in Chemical Engineering on the side. She is now juggling real, post-grad life as an engineer with her fun life as a Feisonista.

So what does the most fashionable feiser carry in her dance bag?

Here's my dance bag! It's half what's actually in my dance bag and half what I will have in a month when I'm teaching again! Can't wait! 

1: Forever 21 dance bag
2: Vera Bradley make up bag in Java Blue [retired pattern]
3: Make up brush bag from Sephora
4: Maybelline Flasies Mascara - amazing!
5: Nude eyeshadow pallet for after dance applications
6: Jergens moisturizer with tanner - just enough color after dance
7: NARS blush and bronzer combo
8: Too Faced bronzer - my favorite for a natural look
9: Victoria Secret Make Up Remover - best before dance to avoid break out
10: Sephora smokey eye pallet
11: Glitter for performance eyes!

12: Liquid eye liner
13: Red lip gloss and lipstick
14: Ribbons for dance class chic hair
15: Bobby pins, of course
16: Safety pins
17: Comb for after dance touch ups
18: Hair ties galore
19: Deodorant
20: One poodle sock...
21. Black tights
22: Celtic Choice soft shoes
23: One ballet slipper...
24: Shades because the sun never sets on an Irish dancer
25: Ursula Celano notebook
26: MS150 number
27: Kiss me I'm Irish button

I have Fays Celtic Choice soft shoes. I have wide, but short feet with high arches and they're the only ones that fit me! I used to have Fays hard shoes with the tan soles but I may or may not have lost them at college... I'm currently on the search for new ones!

My dance bag right now is from Forever 21 actually. I rotate out my dance bag every few month depending on what I'm feeling. I love using it as an accessory. This one is fun for summer with the hot pink accents! I use it as a beach bag on the weekends. 

Beyond shoes, the crucial things I have in my dance bag are: 

My back-up make up supply. Most of my dance classes end up on Thursday nights or during the day on Saturday, so I'm usually heading out with friends after. Some light touch ups transform my look from sweaty to night out easily! The best part? No blush needed - my full jig takes care of that... The deodorant is a crucial part of this as well!

My show make up. I tend to lose things so I have to keep my performance make up in my dance bag! Lately I've been rocking the smokey eye (love the Sephora kit), red lipstick and a winged eye. And of course, some glitter! 

Ribbons to spruce up my practice look. It makes countless drills seem a little more manageable...

Bobby pins, hair ties and safety pins. I think it goes without saying how much these are needed!

Sunglasses. I don't go anywhere without my shades, that includes dance class! Love my green pair for class. 

Some of the more random things in my dance bag: 

One ballet shoe. I've been taking ballet on the side and love it. It's a great way to really get in tune with how your body and muscles works and getting rocking turn out. Unfortunately I lost one slipper...

My number from the MS150. I  recently used this bag on a 170 mile bike ride from Houston to Austin for MS. I keep the number in my bag to remind me to keep pushing! Cycling is a great way to add extra stamina for dancers too, if anyone's interested!

Button. The remains from some St. Patrick's Day shows... 

Ursula Celano notebook. For taking notes on trends that I see and for developing choreography, I never leave the house for dance without this adorable notebook!

J'dore Feisonista? Follow her!

[Blog]          [Twitter]          [Tumblr]          [Pinterest]

Keep Dancing, and Stay Fasionable Feisers!
- Moira

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What's in Christy's Dance Bag?

The next dancer contributing to the "What's in my Dance Bag?" Series is Christy, from Gone Feising.  

Christy Dorrity is a mother, dancer and writer. She and her children dance competitively. Christy is the author of The Book Blogger's Cookbooks and she blogs about adult Irish dancers at

The lovely Christy
Christy & her crew... love this!
Christy's Gone Feising blog is one of my favorite Irish dance blogs out there. She's currently writing about fitness, healthy eating, practicing daily, and her current Irish dance diet [which is wonderfully motivating whilst I try to get myself into shape! Mean Abs June anyone?]. Visit her blog to cheer Christy on as she continues her journey into a healthier life, or to get inspired to make some healthy choices in your Irish Dance life. 

So... What's in Christy's Dance Bag?

Here is a list of the things that are usually in my dance bag:

Hard shoes 
Light shoes
Dance sneakers, extra socks
Ballet flats (for my daughter who also dances as a tot)
Bands (to keep my hard shoe on), 
My iPad (for my little ones to watch if they come with me to dance
My iPod for practicing
Safety pins
Extra crystals (for my son's costume)
A snack
Some pain meds
A stretchy thera-band 
& a portable ice pack (not pictured)

Need more Christy?
Gone Feising [blog]
@GoneFeising [twitter]
Adult Irish Dance [blog on Irish Central]

Keep Dancing,

Monday, June 4, 2012

What's in Z&B's Dance Bag?

The next addition to the "What's in my Dance Bag?" series comes from all the way from down south, on Zebadiah and Beuregard's Front Porch.  Z&B bring "random natterings on the meaning of life, origins of the universe, idiosyncrasies of cats, and Irish Dance in the Southern Region" to all of us lucky Irish dancers on the internet.

Z&B's dance bag isn't your average kit and caboodle. Theirs is an "Emergency Feis-Aid Kit for Feis Moms." Sure, every feis mom [or dad] should have the basics on-hand, in case of bumps, bruises, twisted ankles, stomped-on-toes, and the occasional emergency amputation or apendectomy.

In addition to the usual band-aids and duct tape, Z&B recommend adding a few more important items to your feis-mergency bag of tricks. Yes, we certainly do things differently here in the Southern Region, but this packing list is useful in all regions of Irish dance [not just the deep, and sometimes crazy, South]. This packing list is the perfect starting point for MAIDs [that's Mothers Addicted to Irish Dance] or Feis Dads getting ready for a local feis or major competition. 

Emergency Chocolate [dark and liquid, just in case]
Corkscrew [preferably with a bottle opener]
Just your average Cell Phone [...or is it?]
Air Horn [to wake the dazed adjudicator about to judge your DD/DS]
Practical joke dog poo [totally necessary]
Fool-proof Disguise [just in case you're a recent transfer]
Heinz Spotted Dick [it's pudding, it's hilarious, it'll help you make friends!]
& above all else, a sense of humor!

For further explanation as to why you simply must have the above items in your Emergency Feis Aid Kit, visit Zebadiah and Beauregard's Front Porch! Y'all come back now, ya hear?   

Keep Dancing,

Friday, June 1, 2012

Mean Abs June: Join me!

Every Irish dancer knows, if you want to this...

Hanging your leaps, Trinity style
Or any of these...

you're going to need to work on these...

Amazing abs of a former champ Irish dancer! My old dancing pal, Carlanna from Trim n Taut!
She still competes in bright colors and loads of rhinestones... just doing fitness instead of dance :)
How do we do that?

 I'll be whipping my core into shape with this workout [from perfection on tumblr] for the month of June. With summer feis season and NAN's on their way, wont you join me? [please?!]

Keep Dancing,

PS: I'm still getting the hang of tumblr, so follow me [] and I'll follow you back!
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