Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shortcuts to Happiness

Limbo. That's where I was as 20-something semi-retired dancer for too long. I wasn't prepared to compete as an Open Champion, but I didn't want to compete as an adult. I love teaching, but I didn't have time to study for the TCRG exam. Dancing was is a part of me, but finding a place for dance in my life was a challenge. 

And then I met my boyfriend, Brent. 

"Blue-eyed boy meets a brown-eyed girl,
Oh oh oh, the sweetest thing" - U2
Upon meeting Brent, he shared his unusual hobby with me [Confession: I had no idea this existed until I met him]... he races go-karts. My initial reaction was some combination of confusion and intrigue. As it turns out, go-kart racing karting is the real deal. Apparently, go-karts are not just for amusement parks. I quickly learned that karting is the purest form of motor sports, and the most popular in the world. Why does my boyfriend spend his free time karting, you ask? Because he LOVES it!  Brent practices his butt off, competes in Florida and other states, and even raced in the Superkarts USA SuperNationals this year. He's pretty speedy on the track. Did I mention I'm starting to get pretty jealous that he's constantly bringing home medals and trophies? 

Meet Brent and his kart. Or as I like to say, the other woman.
As Brent and I continued to know each other, Irish dance eventually came up. We chatted about how I "used to dance," but don't anymore. His initial reaction was to ask why I stopped. I spouted off my usual list of reasons ["I'm too old," "My dance school is too far away," "It's been YEARS," ect.] but instead of agreeing with me, he basically told me I was full of excuses! In the immortal words of Stephanie Tanner, "How rude!" His logic was simple. I want to dance? Dance. I want to teach? Go teach. I want to open my own school? Make it happen. ["Typical guy. It's not that easy," I thought to myself. Obviously he didn't understand the challenges I was faced with.] 

You said it, sister. Honestly...

Then something changed. 

Could it be? Maybe returning to dance was easy? The more I watched Brent head out to the track to practice, pack all his gear to go to a race, or return home with a shiny new award, the more I missed dance. As I listened to him talk about karting, his love for the sport was obvious. Every time he went to the track, I remembered the joy I feel every time I enter a dance studio. Every time he traveled to a race, memories of countless feisanna filled my thoughts. Every time he came home with a trophy, I wanted one of my own! 

You're not seeing things. This trophy is
as big as the seat... and wearing a seat belt. 
I had to get out of my self-imposed dance limbo. 

As I begin my new journey in dance, I have many people to thank for encouraging me to follow my heart and do what I love, but one person was the catalyst. Brent was the kick in the yoga pants I needed. In his own well-meaning, tough love way, he lit the fire under my arse that landed me back in my dance shoes.  I'm not totally sure where my dance shoes and I are headed, but we're reuinted [and it feels so good!] and we have Brent to thank. Novelist, Vicki Baum, penned one my favorite dance quotes: "There are shortcuts to happiness, and dancing is one of them." Dancing is my shortcut to happiness, and so is having a wonderful, encouraging [and dare I say it, good looking] boyfriend. 

By now I'm sure you're wondering,"why on earth is she writing this karting meets Irish dance love story?" 

Because it's Brent's birthday, of course! So Happy Birthday to Brent, and happy dancing to all of you!

- Moira


  1. Happy Birthday, Brent! Moira, I would attend your dance school if you started one!!! I, too, miss dancing, and I wish there were a school close to me... Love you! ~Michelle Pittman

  2. Thanks Michelle! You can be my star student when the time comes :) Love youuuuu!!! Come to Gville and visit!!!

  3. Yay! Star student! haha

    OHHHHH! That reminds me-- we WILL be coming up to Gville on the 21st! (on the beer bus, lol) So I guess we will have about three hours of "free time," away from the group. We should meet up. =) We'll talk more when it gets closer...

  4. I purchases last night capezio dance shoes I think my new journey start in dance!


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