Friday, January 6, 2012

More than a Little White Dress

Watching Conan is not out of the ordinary for me. Conan is high-larious. I'm also quite the night owl, so he's on at the perfect time. On top of CoCo's usual comedic antics & celebrity guests, Wednesday night's episode had an extra added bonus..

Emmy Rossum walked out in a gorgeous Cynthia Rowley dress. So stunning, in fact, that my boyfriend even commented on how beautiful it was before I had a chance to say anything. [What can I say? He has good taste.] This obviously wasn't just any little white dress. I love the delicate lattice pattern, tailored bodice, and flouncy, feminine skirt. Instead of a metallic shoe, a la the Cynthia Rowley runway look, Emmy paired the dress with a vibrant cobalt shoe. Her relaxed hair and matte, red lips finished the look like a cherry atop a perfect cake. Behold...

Cynthia Rowley, Spring 2012 / Emmy Rossum on Conan 1/4/2012
This is what perfection looks like. 
Maybe I just have dance on the brain [duh], but my next thought was, "I love all white solo dresses!" I really do love a champion dancer in a white solo costume, when done right. [When done wrong, white solo costumes can border on figure skating costumes.] Maybe it's because I think white dresses are classic, feminine, and graceful. Maybe it's because my pageant friends always say, "Winners win in White." Maybe it's because Bernadette Flynn wears a stunning white lace costume as the lead in Feet of Flames during "Stolen Kiss." 

I couldn't help myself. Bernadette Flynn is too extraordinary to not show up in this post.
And in four different all white looks! 
White dresses are something special. They aren't for everyone, but whether worn by Emmy Rossum, Bernadette Flynn, or a champion dancer, the perfect little white dress can take your breath away [or my boyfriends!]. So here is my Emmy Rossum/Cynthia Rowley inspired Irish dance look. The dazzling, ethereal dress is by Doire Dress Designs. Paired with blue patent leather soft shoes [available from Fay's Irish Dancing Shoes] and red lips, this look is meant to turn heads. 

Flawless and Sparkling
Totally red carpet parade of champions worthy. 


PS: While writing this post, something funny happened. When you type "Bernadette Flynn Stolen Kiss" into Google, this photo of Bernadette's husband, Damien O'Kane, is found. 

Damien O'Kane at Camp Rince Ceol
Finding a photo of Bernadette's hubster really isn't that weird, except... wait... who's that girl on the far right in the pink shirt? Oh yeah. It's me! This shot is from Camp Rince Ceol, where Bernadette and Damien were instructors, and I was a counselor. I'm standing next to my friend Jessie Baffa, who is currently touring with Riverdance. Caitlin Kelly, a new TCRG and dress designer [Fairy Reel Dancewear], and James Keegan, Lord of the Dance lead and former World Champion, are also in the background :) 

Moral of the story: When you google Bernadette Flynn [6 time world champion, original Lord of the Dance lead, & my favorite dancer of all time] a photo of me shows up. Coincidence? I think not. 


  1. Best Google search of all time!!!! LOVE IT!

  2. I know right!! How weird is that?! Thanks!! :)


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