Friday, June 1, 2012

Mean Abs June: Join me!

Every Irish dancer knows, if you want to this...

Hanging your leaps, Trinity style
Or any of these...

you're going to need to work on these...

Amazing abs of a former champ Irish dancer! My old dancing pal, Carlanna from Trim n Taut!
She still competes in bright colors and loads of rhinestones... just doing fitness instead of dance :)
How do we do that?

 I'll be whipping my core into shape with this workout [from perfection on tumblr] for the month of June. With summer feis season and NAN's on their way, wont you join me? [please?!]

Keep Dancing,

PS: I'm still getting the hang of tumblr, so follow me [] and I'll follow you back!


  1. Love your blog! I'm an adult returning to Irish Dance (competing for the first time) and finding so many blogs about adult dancers makes me more confident!

    I started "Mean Abs June" yesterday!!! Is it weird that I count myself in to do sit-ups?

  2. That's SO exciting!!! I'm so glad you like my blog!!! Thanks for joining in the Mean Abs fun& no, it's not weird to count to yourself :) Is it weird that I can't laugh without wincing in pain?? Haha. Oh, ab workout!


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