Monday, June 4, 2012

What's in Z&B's Dance Bag?

The next addition to the "What's in my Dance Bag?" series comes from all the way from down south, on Zebadiah and Beuregard's Front Porch.  Z&B bring "random natterings on the meaning of life, origins of the universe, idiosyncrasies of cats, and Irish Dance in the Southern Region" to all of us lucky Irish dancers on the internet.

Z&B's dance bag isn't your average kit and caboodle. Theirs is an "Emergency Feis-Aid Kit for Feis Moms." Sure, every feis mom [or dad] should have the basics on-hand, in case of bumps, bruises, twisted ankles, stomped-on-toes, and the occasional emergency amputation or apendectomy.

In addition to the usual band-aids and duct tape, Z&B recommend adding a few more important items to your feis-mergency bag of tricks. Yes, we certainly do things differently here in the Southern Region, but this packing list is useful in all regions of Irish dance [not just the deep, and sometimes crazy, South]. This packing list is the perfect starting point for MAIDs [that's Mothers Addicted to Irish Dance] or Feis Dads getting ready for a local feis or major competition. 

Emergency Chocolate [dark and liquid, just in case]
Corkscrew [preferably with a bottle opener]
Just your average Cell Phone [...or is it?]
Air Horn [to wake the dazed adjudicator about to judge your DD/DS]
Practical joke dog poo [totally necessary]
Fool-proof Disguise [just in case you're a recent transfer]
Heinz Spotted Dick [it's pudding, it's hilarious, it'll help you make friends!]
& above all else, a sense of humor!

For further explanation as to why you simply must have the above items in your Emergency Feis Aid Kit, visit Zebadiah and Beauregard's Front Porch! Y'all come back now, ya hear?   

Keep Dancing,

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