Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Blog Challenge: Performance Pictures

May's monthly blog challenge from The Dance Buzz asked for performance pictures, in light of the current "recital season" for dance studios.

I'm happy to have been a part of a dance recital for the first time in many, many years! The Williston School of Dance [WSD] held their 34th Annual Recital, "On Broadway." I'm so thankful to have served as WSD's Irish dancing intern [& occasional substitute teacher] this spring! From the beginning Irish dancers [as young as 1st grade], up to the advanced Irish dance class [middle & high me, the resident old lady], the WSD Irish dancers graced the stage with entertaining, Broadway-themed performances. Choreographed by WSD's Artistic Director [& my fearless leader], Mrs. Sarah, all six Irish routines were a smashing success!

I would also like to note, that although this video is hilariously adorable, I'm really glad no ballet brawls occurred at the WSD recital! [My favorite part is the dance teachers swooping in to break up the tutu-wearing fight club!]

Can't help but laugh, right? Me either. Now, back to blog-challenge business.

Aside from the WSD recital, the Irish dancers have barely stopped performing all spring! They have performed in St. Patrick's Day Shows, Gainesville's "Spotlight on Youth" for talented local high school students, served as entertainment between competitors at "Gainesville's Really Got Talent" [which a WSD Irish dancer won last year!], and provided entertainment between dances at another prominent dance studio's recital. These kids are truly professionals! I should also mention that the Williston School of Dance is not just for Irish dancers. The ballet, tap, jazz, and hip-hop dancers of WSD were also beyond spectacular in the recital! If I included photos of all the classes and all the spring performances, this post would be miles and miles long!

Here are some of my favorite Irish dance photos from "On Broadway." [Special thanks to Lisa Dampier for taking this photos! Her sweet, little Libby is in the Introductory Irish class.]

"Finnian's Rainbow" - Introductory Irish
How sweet are these ruffled costumes?! And those turned out little feet
... and the roly poly!? #cuteoverload

"The Pirate Queen" - Irish I
More adorableness, and look at those lifts!
Can you spot the set of 4 brothers in this class? Let's hear it for the boys!

"Dancing at Lughnasa" - Advanced Irish
Performing treble jigs and treble reels in their solo costumes
... just because they don't compete, doesn't mean they don't earn their solo costumes :)
"Lord of the Dance" - Irish II
These girls are simply fabulous! Their improvement over the past few months has amazed me.
Can't wait to see them continue to grow as dancers next year!
"The Titanic" - Irish III & up
A medley of traditional sets, hornpipes, treble jigs, & treble reels: Choreographing The Blackbird &
St. Patrick's Day in a unique and interesting way? Mission accomplished, by Mrs. Sarah ;)
 "Riverdance" - Irish III & up

The final pose of the grand "Riverdance" finale! 
Aside from the overall amazingness that was "On Broadway," the show ended with a special awards ceremony. I thought this was really sweet, and so meaningful to the dancers. Ballet dancers received ribbons for each year dancing on pointe. Trophies were awarded out to dancers who finally achieve the seemingly impossible goal of getting their splits! Dancers with perfect attendance received a trophy as well. Certificates were presented to dancers who always attended class dressed appropriately & with the proper shoes [yes, we keep track of the dress code]. Multiple classes means multiple chances for awards! Some dancers got more trophies than I can count with one hand :)

Where's Moira? Hint: I'm handing out awards! 
Keep Dancing & Performing,


  1. Great photos!

    And that ballet fight video cracks me up too...

  2. These school kids are wonderful on their performance. The costumes are good.


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