Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What's in Christy's Dance Bag?

The next dancer contributing to the "What's in my Dance Bag?" Series is Christy, from Gone Feising.  

Christy Dorrity is a mother, dancer and writer. She and her children dance competitively. Christy is the author of The Book Blogger's Cookbooks and she blogs about adult Irish dancers at

The lovely Christy
Christy & her crew... love this!
Christy's Gone Feising blog is one of my favorite Irish dance blogs out there. She's currently writing about fitness, healthy eating, practicing daily, and her current Irish dance diet [which is wonderfully motivating whilst I try to get myself into shape! Mean Abs June anyone?]. Visit her blog to cheer Christy on as she continues her journey into a healthier life, or to get inspired to make some healthy choices in your Irish Dance life. 

So... What's in Christy's Dance Bag?

Here is a list of the things that are usually in my dance bag:

Hard shoes 
Light shoes
Dance sneakers, extra socks
Ballet flats (for my daughter who also dances as a tot)
Bands (to keep my hard shoe on), 
My iPad (for my little ones to watch if they come with me to dance
My iPod for practicing
Safety pins
Extra crystals (for my son's costume)
A snack
Some pain meds
A stretchy thera-band 
& a portable ice pack (not pictured)

Need more Christy?
Gone Feising [blog]
@GoneFeising [twitter]
Adult Irish Dance [blog on Irish Central]

Keep Dancing,


  1. This is such a fun meme Moira! Thanks for having me!

  2. Thanks! This series has been a lot of fun :) I'm so glad you were a part of it.


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