Thursday, June 7, 2012

Inspired by: Iconic White by John Carey

I'll be the first to admit, after being out of the competitive Irish dance scene for nearly 8 years, the concept of taping hard shoes with white tape for feisanna was foreign to me. Back in my day [seriously, long long ago],  I have no recollection of dancers with white-taped shoes, straps, or laces. We wore black elastics and maybe taped our shoes to our feet with black electrical tape, but no white tape. This whole white-tape trend was new to me, and I wasn't sure if I liked it. 

But then I thought about it... 

I wear nude-colored high heels to make my legs look longer... Why not add white tape to hard shoes to give the illusion of longer legs while dancing? I'm 5'3. I'll do anything to make my legs look longer! I can only imagine that most dancers want to look like they have long, beautiful, legs-for-days too! Genius. 

And then a certain someone took it to a whole, new level...

John Carey obviously saw the genius behind this trend as well, and launched Iconic White, the original hard shoe with white straps and edging around the top of the shoe [for the look of a lowered sock line]. Who better to design this revolutionary heavy shoe than an 8 time World Champion and TCRG of his world-title-producing Carey Academy? Needless to say, Iconic Whites are simply fabulous. 

I even love the boxes. 
Although I have yet to get my hands on [or rather, my feet into] a pair of Iconic Whites, I love the look! These sleek shoes remind me of some kind of hard shoe hybrid of saddle shoes and Capone [from Michael Flatley's Celtic Tiger], but with the extra-added-bonus of making legs look longer and feet look smaller.

Don't you think Iconic White heavies are the perfect shoe to compliment with that music? Until I can get my pretty little feet into a pair of those fabulous black and white shoes, I'll settle for an Iconic White inspired manicure! 

Do you wear Iconic Whites? Have you tried them on? Do you love them?! Tell me about! 

Keep Dancing,

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