Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pinterest Round-Up

I need a pintervention. 

Seriously, Pinterest is my favorite thing. This glorious website has taught me new ways to do my hair, paint my nails, put together stylish outfits, organize my life, decorate my apartment, and cook dinner. Not only does Pinterest inspire me to make my life lovelier, but it also provides a wealth of fun new Irish dance related pictures, crafts, websites, and more. Typing "Irish dance" into the search box at the top of the Pinterest screen turns up everything from stunning photos to delicious dance themed treats to humorous memes. Seriously, it's endless fun :)

These are my favorite Irish dance Pinterest finds this week... 
Most exquisite cake and cookies ever!
This cake was made for a new TCRG after passing her exam.
I'm extra obsessed with it because my very first
school dress had that exact swan embroidered on it.
Made by Tradewind Tiaras

Sweet soft shoes! Available from Peapod Cookies on Etsy
The height of fashion circa Oireachtas season 1999
I still love it.  
So thankful my mom made all my dresses...
NYC St. Peep-trick's Day Parade, complete
with marshmallowy Irish dancers.
How sweet would this photo display be for an Irish dancer?
Just replace the ballet slippers with old soft shoes. Obsessed!

Keep dancing & follow me on Pinterest,

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  1. Thanks so much for including my cake and cookies in your roundup! I had so much fun making them. And I LOVE that shoe display. Too late to do it with my own shoes, but it SHALL happen for my daughter. Oh yes, it shall.

  2. Your cookies and cake are SO amazing. I can't get over them... and the solo dress ones on your blog!!!! AHHH. I'm beyond impressed. I have a piping kit, and occasionally try to make pretty sugar cookies. I can't seem to get the consistency of my icing quite right. My icing is either too thick to fill properly, or too runny to make nice lines... it's a mess (A yummy mess, luckily for me!) Thanks for stopping by my blog! I will definitely post any future Irish dance cookie masterpieces as well :)


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