Thursday, May 24, 2012

What's in Sara's Dance Bag?

Continuing the "What's in my Dance Bag" series is the beatuful and talented Sara. An Open Champion dancer with the Maple School, Sara is truly multi-talented. She's a gymnast-turned-Irish-dancer, putting her bachelors degree in music education to good use as an elementary school music subsitute teacher... and she's also a library page. On top of all that, she also writes one of my favorite Irish dance blogs on the web, Rince Go Bragh. [I'm not ashamed to admit that her blog was an inspiration for me to start this lovely blog myself!] Did I mention that she's competed at Worlds and is currently preparing for the Southern Regional Oireachtas? This girl can do it all!

Sara in her gorgeous solo dress, which
happens to be a present from her sweet boyfriend! 

Now...onto the good stuff: What's in Sara's Dance Bag?

This is my dance bag.  It's navy blue and emblazoned with the name of my old gymnastics team.  There are four pockets: the huge center bit, one on each side, and a tiny front pocket.  What's unique about my badis that it's celebrating it's 12th birthday this year.  I suppose it can be considered a dinosaur as far as bags are concerned, but it does it's job, and does it well. Before it became my dance bag, it spent six years being toted to every gymnastics practice and competition I attended.  We've had a long history together.

The shoes I keep in my dance bag:
1) Comfortable practice ghillies.
2) Rutherford heavies I've been meaning to break in now for over a year...
3) Competition ghillies that fit snugly.
4) Well-worn and much loved heavies.

Other things:
1) Bag-ception.  Because one bag is not enough.
2) Conditioning for Dancers.  I found this book at Barnes and Noble when I first became dancing and picked it up hoping it had some great turnout exercises.  What I got was a full-body anatomy lesson that focused on the bones, joints, and muscles ballet dancers use.  It does have some good tips for stretching certain areas, as well as a handful of useful exercises.
3) Theraband.  For ankle strengthening exercises, and other resistance type activities.  This is another remnant from my gymnastics days.

1) Duct tape
2) Emergency shoe polish
3) Advil
4) Body lotion
5) Deodorant
6) Small Ace bandages just in case of a shin splint flare-up.
7) Empty athletic tape roll
8) Icy Hot
9) Neosporin
10) Electrical tape
11) Tiger Balm
12) Elmer's glue sticks to hold up my socks.
13) Hand sanitizer spray
14) Emergency tampon
15) Band-aids

Can't get enough Sara?
Rince Go Bragh [blog]
@RinceGoBragh [twitter]
Rince Forever [tumblr]

Keep Dancing,

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