Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What's in My Dance Bag?

I'm very excited to announce a new series for this lovely little blog of mine: "What's in my Dance Bag?" This series was inspired by one of my favorite non-dance blogs, The Small Things [a phenominal style + beauty + lifestyle blog written by the lovely, Kate]. Several of my favorite Irish dance bloggers are on-board for this fun series [you'll have to wait and see who!], and I can't wait to peek into their dance bags. 

Here's a look into my dance bag, which accompanies me to 3 days of dance class per week. 

[1] Pink Drawstring Bag from Fay's Irish Dancing Shoes: This is the smallest dance bag I've ever had, but it gets the job done... and forces me to regularly clean out my dance bag.

Dance Sneakers + Lights + Heavies
[2] Nike Zoom dance sneakers: I found these amazing dance sneakers at a Nike Factory Store years ago. I love them! They have flexible arches like all dance sneakers, but aren't bulky like some I've had in the past. Plus, they have cool dragons on the heels!
See the cool dragons?! Irish dance meets Asian awsomeness
[3] Hullachan Soft Shoes, also from Fay's Irish Dancing Shoes: These are the fanciest soft shoes I've ever bought, and I'm not even competing?! Tell me how much sense that makes. I've always worn the traditional, tan leather bottomed Antonio Pachelli gazelles. I love the look of black laces against the tan soles, when wrapped around the arches of a dancer's feet. [I think I watched my Riverdance VHS one too many times, because that has Jean Butler written all over it.] Regardless, I LOVE these black-bottomed shoes. They are the most comfortable soft shoes I've ever worn. Period.

[4] Black-soled Heavy Shoes: These are so old I'm not even sure if they're Rutherford's or Fay's. Sad? Maybe. But I love these shoes. I wore them at Worlds, and I'll probably never part with them :) The buckles go way back too. My first buckles were cute silver and bright green shamrocks. These square buckles were my second and only other pair. Perhaps I'll splurge and get rhinestone square buckles someday! I love buckles, when paired with turned out feet!

[5] Black Convertible Tights: As a Florida girl, I live in flip flops... so convertible tights are a must! These are extras... likely a back-up pair I threw in my bag for a performance.

[6] Black Legwarmers: I like to pretend to be a ballerina sometimes. I also have hot pink, light pink, and rainbow heart legwarmers... I really should take a ballet class.

[7] Dance Bag Extras:
So necessary.
Rimmel London Stay Glossy lip gloss in Unlimited Gold
Inhaler... must have accessory for all asthmatic Irish dancers!
Maybelline Baby Lips in Peach Kiss
Vera Bradley coin purse in Cupcakes Pink [retired pattern]

[8] Ankle Supports: No explanation needed.

So, that's what's in my dance bag... Stay tuned for looks into the dance bags of some of my [and your] favorite Irish dancing bloggers!

Keep Dancing,

Oh, and I can't forget my key chains. Because I'm so cool :)


  1. Love those sneakers! Super unique. Mine are in a really tragic state... Way to rep with the key chain as well! Do you dance in tights and poodle socks or just tights? You really should take ballet! I love it - it's a nice replacement to Irish dance when there's none around!

  2. Thanks! I love the sneaks too :) I have a pair of red Bloch dance sneakers as well. They're in my crazy-dance-shoe-hoarder bag. Perhaps I'll do a post about that bag later! I actually dance in normal, low-cut athletic socks most of the time. I dance in capri length spandex, and I hate how leggings look with tall socks! I'm crazy :) I only wear poodle socks or tights for performances, usually tights.

  3. Thanks for this post.I also love irish dance socks. I am very crazy about Dance!


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