Friday, January 27, 2012

Fun Friday Finds: Volume 1

Anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I love Irish dance. On top of dance, I love shopping. Combine dance with shopping and the fun really begins! I've been looking at a lot of unique dance-related items online lately, and decided I should share them with all of you lovely readers. Thus, I present to you the first volume of Fun Friday Finds, my favorite Irish dance related products of the week. And no, I'm not sponsored by any of these companies. [I just genuinely love their products.]

Personalized Irish dance duffel bag: $40

I've been looking a tons of dance bags online lately. Seriously, tons. I currently carry a cute pink drawstring backpack, but I find myself constantly digging for my shoes/socks/keys/ipod, which is inconvenient.  This cute duffel is my hands down favorite! Why? I love the large size [I like to carry everything and the kitchen sink to dance class for some reason...], tons of pockets [to organize all of my shoes/necessities], color options [pink is my go-to], Irish dancer embroidery,  and monogram options [try finding something with "Moira" on it...not possible, even in Ireland. I looked!]. Plus, at $40 it won't break the bank :) 
- Available from HTsCreations on

"You Should See Me Dance" graphic tee: $9.80
This super-fun graphic tee was featured by Feisonista back in November, but has recently re-appeared on the Forever 21 website. Clearly, this shirt is in high demand by dancers. I personally bought it back in the fall, and am still loving it. Perfect with jeans for a fun casual look or with your favorite practice clothes for class, you won't go wrong with this shirt.  Did I mention it's under $10? Fashion on a budget is my favorite!
- Available from Forever 21

Reel Cuties, Custom Irish dancer Dolls: $75

I came across these absolutely adorable dolls on Facebook yesterday and fell in LOVE! Although  at 25, I'm beyond the age of carrying around a dolly to match my clothes, I can't help but adore these sweet dolls. Each Reel Cutie is custom made by hand, and every doll matches the dancer's dress perfectly. These miniature dresses are spot on, complete with rhinestones, poodle socks, and dance shoes! On top of that, I love the hand painted faces and crocheted curls. I love the idea of giving a Reel Cutie as a good luck gift, whether for a first feis or the Worlds. They'd even be cute as a keepsake of a favorite dress before it's sold to make room for a new costume. If I had a Reel Cutie for every costume I've worn.... well, I'd have an adorable army of Irish dancing dolls [and a smile on my face].  
- Available from Reel Cuties on EtsyFacebook, and Reel Cuties Blog

What are your favorite Irish dancing products? Stay tuned for more fun finds next Friday!
Happy dancing...and shopping :)
- Moira

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