Sunday, January 8, 2012

OMJ... Oh My JIG!

"Aye, I can. Watch me." - Brogan McCay

Like most all Irish dancers, I can't hide my excitement that TLC is debuting JIG, the documentary of the 2010 Oireachtas Rince na Cruinne [World Championships of Irish Dance], tonight at 8pm. 

I was also a little excited when my copy of
the DVD came in the mail... Thanks Dad!

Aside from PBS fundraisers, news clips during St. Patrick's day, and last years broadcast of Riverdance on Ice, Irish dancing rarely gets airtime on cable television. Is it just me or does this feel like a coming out party for competitive Irish dance? If you've been on facebook or twitter lately, almost every dancer's status is a reminder to watch the movie tonight and take a peek into the hidden world of world class Irish step dancing. I'm more than thrilled to be a part of this Irish dancing community and can't wait to see the premier on TLC tonight.

Check back in starting at 8:00 pm when I will be live-blogging while watching JIG!

- Moira

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