Sunday, January 8, 2012

OMJ... Oh My JIG: Live Blog!

Here we go people... the US television premier of JIG on TLC!!! I'm so psyched, even though I've already watched the DVD an undisclosed number of times :) Thanks for being here for my first live blog adventure as well!!
8:03: Love these two little girls. When I went to the worlds for the "very first time" I was 17.  Always impressed with the dedication and talent of young champion dancers. They are committed beyond their years. Also, Brogan has such a grateful attitude. I really admire her appreciation for what she's been given. 

8:06: Julia is so talented.. good lord that child has beautiful feet. I also think her parents are completely adorable. Buy the dress? Check. Buy the wig? Check. Go to Ireland? Check. What awesome parents. 

8:12: John is sooooooo adorable. Love him. Joe is ridiculously gifted, hardworking, and  is living quite the Irish dancing dream. Can you imagine you parents picking up everything to move across the Atlantic so you can pursue your dream of winning the Worlds? Incredible. 

--1st commercial break--

8:18: "If you do it wrong, you have to get it right. You can't just leave it" - Julia O'Rourke. Love her dedication, and her turnout! Also, Brogan doing sit-ups in rhinestoned skinny jeans is too cute. 

8:20: How are they ALREADY at the Worlds?! The edited version of this movie is flying by!  

8:22: Listening to Brogan and her mother talk about her Gran is so touching. Who else has chills? 

--2nd commercial break--

8:26: "Costumes cost $2,500." - I'm so lucky I have a mom who can make anything. She made all my dresses and NONE of them looked home-made ;) Even the one I wore at Worlds. However, Brogan and Julia both have gorgeous dresses. I love the new softer skirts. I wish those existed when I was competing... I always felt like I was dancing in a lampshade. 

8:27: "You have to be foot perfect." - John Carey. Boy oh boy, is Joe Bitter ever foot perfect. I would love to see his whole set to music. Little John is so precious when he's not dancing, but when that boy is competing, he is unstoppable. The height and energy in his steps are incredible. 

8:30: Holy Sparkles. And holy dancing. Brogan and Julia are the kind of dancers you can't look away from... as is Joe. Also, I love his competition look. I'm not super into the embroidered vests on young men. They can be a little over the top on some guys. 

--3rd commercial break-- 

8:37: Kind of wish this weird merry-go-round music wasn't playing in the background, but I love the dancing. Soft-shoe was always my favorite. Also, Brogan's leg muscles make me want to hit the gym right now. And her dress makes me want to start bedazzling everything I own. I just adore little John, and John Carey. Also, I think I have that same jacket John Carey is wearing ;)

8:38: I've watched this movie already, and I'm still nervous listening to the scores get announced. Wait, they're already getting their scores?! Seriously, this is going by too fast! 

8:39: YAY JOHN! He's still the littlest one, even on the top of the podium. Love it. 

--4th commercial break--

8:44: Watching Joe Bitter dance in real time is like watching any normal dancer in fast forward. Did I already say I would love to see him dance? Because I really would. Thanks TLC for leaving in almost a full two minutes of his dancing :) Also, I didn't blink for those two minutes. Seriously. 

8:48: YAY JOE! His dedication and talent earned him that win. Loved the little interaction between Julia and Brogan... very sweet, and sportsman like. While both of them are incredible little dancers, I almost prefer Brogan's dancing, but the also showed her for a lot longer. Julia's rocks are lovely. They both make dancing at that level look easy, which is a feat in itself. 

8:51: I love seeing the joy in Julia's face listening to her scores. I wish both Julia and Brogan could win! They're little... they could fit on the top of the podium together :)

--5th commercial break-- 

8:59: This is nerve-racking, and I already know who won. Julia's little friend with the highlighter yellow bow headband is too cute. Julia's reaction to winning is so genuine. I literally have tears in my eyes watching her achieve her dream :) And I admire Brogan's ability to congratulate Julia and really mean it. Many dancers older than her don't have the ability to lose not win with such grace. I hope she wins it someday!  I'm thrilled she won it in 2011!

9:00: It's over already?!?! How did that happen. Love that TLC aired JIG, even if it was super edited. 

Now it's time for me to eat a very late dinner: Hope all of you enjoyed watching JIG on TLC as much as I did :) And thanks for reading!

- Moira 


  1. Totally agree with your commentary, especially about the merry-go-round music (made me laugh out loud...). I wanted to hear the real music! The edits were too much and I wish they covered teams, adults, etc and a more general feel of what Irish dancing is rather than just a few dancers through the Worlds (although their dancing was beautiful to watch, don't get me wrong!).

    Good luck getting your TCRG! That must be exciting and I'm sure there's LOTS of studying!

  2. You have to be foot perfect..I am Agree.How can i purchase latest irish dance soft shoes?


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