Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Coco Rocha: Interview Russia Editorial

I'm completely in love with Coco Rocha's dance-inspired editorial for September's issue of Interview Russia.  Via her tumblr, Coco explains she, "got to play a deranged ballerina" in her "favorite editorial of the season!" 

The movement captured in this series of shots is stunning. Coco looks exquisite & graceful in Alexander McQueen [and not even a bit deranged, if you as me].  Her black pointe shoes may be meant to look edgy, but are reminiscent of soft shoes in my eyes.  

This shot brings me back to pilates sessions at Camp Rince Ceol :)

...& this photo evokes thoughts of adorable Irish dance beginners who tie their soft shoe laces up their legs before they are promptly corrected, and of ruffle skirts on solo costumes. 

All the photos from this editorial can be viewed on Coco's tumblr or facebook. What do you think of this editorial? What are your favorite photos?

Keep Dancing,

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful photos, the last being the best :-)

    This last photo makes me ask an off-topic question: Lacing soft shoes around one´s arch and not up the leg, is it because it could cause some injury, or because it simply looks better? I´ve already read some quite harsh arguments for both posibilities.
    (I personally lace mine around my arch normally, but around my ankle if performing, since I once managed to slip the shoe off my heel and feared it would just fly away into the audience :-))


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