Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ceili of the Week: The Duke Reel

[Welcome to the second installment of Ceili of the Week! Hope you learn something new, or at least enjoy reading!] 

The Duke Reel is a...
         -- Round dance
         -- For three couples
         -- Dance to any reel 

Movements of the Dance
         (a) Rings
         (b) Sides
         (c) Link Arms
         (d) Interlace
         (e) Advance & Retire
               **Parts b-e make up the body of the dance, repeated after each figure**
         (f) Figures 
               1st Figure: Figure of Eight
               2nd Figure: Right & Left Chain
        (g) Finish --  Swing Around 

This adorable video of dancers from the Kelly School of Irish Dance isn't perfect, but it's so cute! According to the video, this was their second night learning the Duke Reel... not bad!

Unanswered Questions about the Duke Reel:
        --Who was the Duke?
        -- Why does he get his own reel? :)

Why do I like this Ceili?
         The Duke Reel a unique six-hand dance. Most of the ceilis for three couples I've danced have been "long dances," or ceilis with two rows of three dancers facing each other [as in the Fairy Reel]. I also think the Interlace portion of the dance [basically, a chain with no arms] is quite pretty. My favorite aspect of this ceili is the figures. More specifically, each couple has the opportunity to perform each figure. While the repetition of both figures three times [once per couple] might be boring to watch, its fun from a dancer's standpoint. I'm all about all-inclusive dances! More fun for everyone :)

This video shows The Duke Reel, performed up through the first figure. [The video doesn't say who these dancers are, so if you know, please share!] 

Have you danced the Duke Reel? What do you like about it? 

Keep Dancing,

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  1. Duke refers to Dickie Duke from North County Dublin who composed the dance in the early 1900s.

    Eilís Ní Mhearraí
    National Secretary
    Cairde Rince Céilí na hÉireann


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