Monday, October 15, 2012

Dance Outfit of the Day: Hot Pink + Navy

I've been on vacation for the last two weeks-ish, and today it's back to the real world...including dance! This outfit is almost identical to the one I'll be sporting at class tonight.

Dance Outfit of the Day

Top: Hot pink [October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, after all] & flowy [since I've been in Italy eating far too much delicious pasta]

Leggings: Capri length so my students can actually see my feet, and navy [I'm loving this hot pink + navy combo]

Shoes: Trainers, lights, & heavies [duh!]

Hairband: Required to keep my massive quantities of unruly hair off my face! I usually wear my hair in a bun, but my locks have a mind of their own...

What do you wear to dance? How do you keep your hair back? Does your dance school have a dress code?

Keep dancing,

1 comment:

  1. A dresscode on the top of everything else? Please, no! :-)
    Usually I wear a T-shirt (pretty much any T-shirt that´s currently unused in my wardrobe), a short navy A-shaped skirt, black tights and black leg warmers. For our group the trainings are a bit of a social event too, so most of us wear skirts or dresses, just because it feels nicer :-)
    And hair? An elastic if I don´t lose it before I get to class, but it´s not much use. My hair dance as much as I do :-)


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